New January 2021 #SamplerParty


Got a mail from Sampler couple of hours back. Here’s what it says:

New year, new offers! 📦

At Sampler, we help you experience new products from the comfort of your own home.

At the beginning of every month, we host a virtual online party called #SamplerParty where our Samplers (that’s you) get the chance to try new products for free.

New monthly questions go live a week before every party which keeps your profile updated and increases your chances of matching with free offers.

If you haven’t matched yet, don’t worry—it can take a few tries but your profile will continue to give you chances to match each month.

Click the link below to answer them now and RSVP to our January #SamplerParty!

To get the freebie please click on this link:

New January 2021 #SamplerParty

What do you think?


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